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Tips for buying outdoor folding chairs

Outdoor folding chair purchase knowledge
1. Pay attention to the welding place: If the folding chair is a steel frame structure, it should be noted that the welding place should be smooth and free of voids, and the coating should look uniform and soft.
2. pay attention to the thickness of the steel pipe: If the folding chair is an aluminum alloy pipe, the thickness of the steel pipe is about 1.2 mm, and there is no impurity.
3. pay attention to the degree of firmness: look at the overall quality of the frame, you can use both hands to shake the product before and after, shake it, and firmly explain the framework
4. pay attention to the quality of the cloth: buy a leather can use a two-finger pinch to pull up a pull up, feel strong, good recovery is the best
5. try to sit: try to sit down and understand its comfort level, each angle must be changed, and then purchase after confirmation

Outdoor folding chair cleaning

Use less water when cleaning, regularly wipe with a cloth dampened with mild detergent, then wipe and dry with a clean soft cloth. It can also be carefully wiped with a liquid scrubbing agent.
The stain can be cleaned with lemon juice or vinegar, but the lemon stays on it for no more than 2 minutes. If necessary, repeat the operation, then wash and dry.

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