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Outdoor folding tables and chairs are good for ABS or aluminum alloys.
The one-piece folding table and chair has four kinds of materials: ordinary ABS, thick ABS, solid wood and aluminum alloy. The sizes are almost the same, and there are at most 2, 3 cm disparity.
Usually put it up as a suitcase, unfold it into a small table and pull out 4 stools, you can sit 4 adults at the same time.
The structure and bracket of this outdoor conjoined folding table and chair are exactly the same, the difference is that the material of the table top and the stool surface are different.
For example, ABS is an engineering plastic that is resistant to pressure and dirt, but it is brittle and afraid of slamming and mammoth.
Wood is environmentally friendly and non-polluting, but it is not resistant to dirt and is prone to aging.
Aluminum alloy is fireproof board desktop + aluminum alloy edging, the most resistant to this is definitely this!
Like ordinary ABS, the desktop has a weight of about 20 kilograms, and the stool can also sit under 60 kilograms.
The thickened ABS is similar to the wood, the table top is about 30 kg, and the bench can sit within 75 kg.
The aluminum alloy is a fireproof board top, the table top bears about 70 kg, the stool surface is an aluminum alloy square tube, and the 180 kg person sits on it without any problem.


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